PCICORP | Ammonium Sulfate
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Benefits of Ammonium Sulfate

Growing high quality crops with exceptional yields is not something luck brings, but is a very exact science. We here at PCI would like to help you in that endeavor. We provide the products and resources to help you achieve your crop goals.


Our key product, also known as the “fourth nutrient”, is ammonium sulfate. Ammonium sulfate provides numerous crop benefits across a variety of crops from food products to turf and foliage, and is a necessary component to healthy crop development. Crop varieties are illustrated below:


Specific benefits of ammonium sulfate include:

  • Increasing drought tolerance through enhancing root development
  • Helping to maintain a dark green color by promoting chlorophyll production
  • Promoting nodule formation on legumes
  • Aiding in the conversion of nitrates into proteins
  • Stimulating seed production and early maturity
  • Being an integral part of certain amino acids
  • Assisting in the breakdown of organic matter
  • Improving soil structure and increasing water infiltration


While many companies produce this fertilizer compound, few produce it as a premium granular product like we do. Other producers make ammonium sulfate as a by-product, which creates a more yellow/brown substance that is less consistent in size and less uniform in hardness. This type of ammonium sulfate makes it harder to mix and distribute the product to the field, making it less likely to be absorbed. In contrast, PCI’s ammonium sulfate is very white in appearance, uniform in size and hardness, and contains an anti-caking agent for easy storage. Our ammonium sulfate is designed for easy bulk blending, direct application distribution, and plant absorption. The picture below clearly demonstrates the difference between PCI premium ammonium sulfate and that of other producers.


Product produced by PCI Nitrogen, LLC under Patent No. 9,540,288