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Without Nitrogen, nothing grows.

Nitrogen fertilizer is an essential fertilizer to help maximize crop yields. Since the air we breathe is almost 80% nitrogen, in the form of N2, it would seem readily available. However, most plants can only use nitrogen in the form of NO3. This form is available in nitrogen-based fertilizers.


Understanding if you need to add nitrogen to your fertilizer mix is key to healthy high-yield crops. Many fertilizers today contain nitrogen in one form or another. The key is using a product that provides a readily available form of usable nitrogen to your plants and crops. Organic products can be beneficial to crops, but can take months or even longer to breakdown so that the nitrogen content is available. Ammonia provides a readily available form of nitrogen. Ammonia fertilizer used in proper amounts stimulates plant growth and improves crop yields. Ammonia fertilizer is one of the key products produced by Rentech Nitrogen.


How essential is nitrogen? Nitrogen is the only fertilizer that must be applied at least once each crop year. The soil quickly depletes nitrogen content, so it’s important to replenish nitrogen to ensure healthy crops and maximum yields. Certain crops like corn, barley and soybeans rely heavily on nitrogen-based fertilizers to be healthy. Applying nitrogen is especially important when crops are planted in the same soil each season. Nitrogen fertilizers provide many benefits, including:


  • Helping to keep nutrient levels at an optimum level
  • Protecting against disease and control weeds
  • Producing healthier crops with consistent quality
  • Improving yields


Plants without sufficient nitrogen may yellow or even die, depending on the level of nitrogen deficiency. The picture below compares the corn plant leaves grown in soils with increasing levels of nitrogen, from top to bottom.


All of our nitrogen-based products are made here in the USA. We are strategically located in the Gulf, providing easy access and short hauls for our customers who rely on our quality products.


In addition, our ammonium sulfate contains a minimum of 23.8% sulpher, which is also so very important to those sulpher deficient soils.

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